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Team building exercises that help to build the strength of your team. Rock climbing is a great way to work on trust, communication, cooperation, goal setting, problem solving, leadership and good old fashion FUN. Come enjoy an exclusive event here at AZR!


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Experience the thrill and challenge of rock climbing at Arizona’s largest indoor climbing facility. The rock gym is fully air conditioned, and includes approximately 14,000 + square feet of climbing terrain, designed to replicate the conditions faced in “real” rock climbing including chimneys, cracks, overhangs, aretes and more.

In addition, a private party/meeting room, observation deck, and traditional workout equipment are available.


Upon arrival at the rock climbing gym, all participants will fill out a waiver if they haven’t done so, view an orientation video, will receive climbing gear, and then complete a hands-on safety check out with AZR’s experienced staff. Guests will then be able to experience the thrills and challenges of rock climbing, along with the excitement and challenge of AZR’s unique team building exercises.

  • Our Teambuilding Events typically run $100-$150 per person, however final price will depend on a number of factors. We also offer exclusive after-hours climbing events that do not include teambuilding-specific tasks at a discounted rate!
  • Experienced staff to provide instruction, supervision and spot/belay climbers.
  • All climbing gear, including rope, belay device, harness, shoes and chalk.
  • Introduction to indoor climbing, covering equipment, basic climbing skills, and safety.
  • Taxes and insurance

See a detailed list of Team Building exercises below. During this team building exercise senior staff will be able to observe their employees in situations that can likely dictate how they will perform in situations in the workplace, i.e. if there is a problem to be solved, do they lead, follow or get out of the way?

TEAM CLIMB – Up to 6 people are tied in to individual climbing ropes while literally “joined at the hip” (tied side by side) and must climb up the wall together for the fastest time.

CORE COMPETENCE: A team is only as strong as its weakest link, so the goal is to use communication and cooperation to get to the top as a fast, cohesive unit.


TEAM TRAVERSE – Team members are required to navigate a course while climbing along the bottom of the walls. They must use a series of holds on the walls and movable grids to progress to a finishing area as quickly as possible.

CORE COMPETENCE: Problem solving, teamwork, end-to-end planning and “on-the-fly” strategic adjustments.


BLINDFOLD CLIMB – Same as the team climb above, except team members are all blindfolded. Team members must shout instructions to other climbers.

CORE COMPETENCE: This event stresses trust, effective communication and teamwork to get the job done in the fastest time.


KNOTS PROBLEM – Team members are challenged to examine a large knot of multi-colored strands of rope. They then determine, through observation only, which strand runs through all of the others. The problem is then taken one step further by using rope strands of the same color.

CORE COMPETENCE: Decisions are made only through group consensus.


INFORMATION PIPELINE – The goal is to move as many objects (marbles, golf balls, etc.) through a pipeline made of different sized PVC pipes to a finishing container. Each person holds one section of the pipeline. This may sound simple, but many rules must be followed and obstacles overcome to succeed. This can be done in one giant pipeline or as a multi-section pipeline for greatest difficulty.

CORE COMPETENCE: The goals are to use strategy, cooperation, communication and teamwork to get the objects efficiently through to the end.


OBJECT RETRIEVAL – Members work as a group to solve the problem of retrieving an object from the center of a triangle, while only utilizing 4 cords (string). Many rules and limitations make this quite challenging.

CORE COMPETENCE: Strategic planning and creativity are a must! Additionally, this is a great activity to observe who and when leaders emerge and those that don’t.


SLACK LINE – Team members must each navigate across a “tightrope”, (only 3′ off of the ground). Teams compete based on distance using a rope to aid their progress.

CORE COMPETENCE: Mission critical skills such as determination and balance are a must to go the distance!



DURATION: 3 hours (longer or shorter events with special arrangements)

EXCLUSIVE: (gym closed to outside visitors and members)

  • Minimum 10 / Maximum 50 

 ***Have a group larger than 50 or looking to have a less-structured event? Get in touch to discuss exclusive after-hours climbing events!***

  •  The standard Team Building event is designed so that individuals of all ability levels will enjoy themselves, however, AZR can also provide advanced climbing instruction for an additional fee.
  • Please be advised that Team Building events can only be scheduled outside of normal operational hours.
  • Yoga classes are available for an additional fee.
  • Facility buy-out: Full use of facility for your private use.
  • If you are interested in creating your own custom team building program with us, we will make every effort to make it a reality!!
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • AZR reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone judged to be unfit to safely participate.
  • Recommended attire: Comfortable gym shorts or pants, t-shirt or tank top, socks. Half shirts and short shorts are not recommended because the harness goes around the waist and upper leg.

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