Birthday Parties and Other Celebrations

AZ on the Rocks offers a unique and unforgettable party experience for boys and girls of all ages. All parties include:

  • Unlimited Climbing
  • Discounted Day Pass Pricing
  • All Gear Necessary to Climb
  • Optional Party Staff
  • Optional Private Event
  • Memories that will Last a Long Time
Summer Climbing Camp
AZR Summer Climbing Camp is primarily rock climbing focused and is designed to help campers of all skill levels improve their current climbing abilities. Our camp curriculum will help your child build self-confidence by incorporating different forms of rock climbing, like Roped Climbing (Top-Roping and Auto-Belaying,) Bouldering, and Speed Climbing.
AZR Ascenders – Youth Climbing Team
Welcome to the AZR Ascenders Climbing Team. The AZR Ascenders are a youth climbing team based out of one of the best climbing gyms in Arizona – AZ on the Rocks. Our climbing team develops well rounded competitive climbers with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and climbing etiquette.
Youth Climbing Lessons
AZ on the Rocks offers stellar youth climbing lesson experience. Ascenders Junior is a program that focuses on building self-confidence, motivation, problem-solving, large motor skills, focus, hand/eye coordination, awareness, and more. You will pick up your child hungry, exhausted, and happy!