AZR Ascenders
Youth Climbing Team

Welcome to the AZR Ascenders Climbing Team. The AZR Ascenders are a youth climbing team based out of one of the best climbing gyms in Arizona – AZ on the Rocks. Our climbing team develops well rounded competitive climbers with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and climbing etiquette.

About Our Climbing Team

If you are looking to get your child involved in a great sport, then climbing might be the perfect fit. Our climbing team offers many different team levels for boys and girls age 8 to 19. Our youth climbing team has many nationally ranked climbers and fosters a great environment for physical and mental development and team camaraderie. Climbing has recently become an Olympic Sport.

The AZR Ascenders have produced a World Champion, 5 National Champions and multiple US Team Members. As a team, we have ranked Nationally in the top 10 for several years. We have also been ABS Regional Champions in 2008 and 2009; as well as SCS Regional Champions 2008, 2009, and 2011. Additionally, we have multiple USAC Regional Champion awards and produce National level athletes each Sport and Bouldering season.

The team is headed up by our team manager Nick V. We also have wonderful assistant coaches that each bring unique skills and coaching styles to the team. Our team can accommodate all ages from 8-19, as well as all ability levels. We have multiple levels of competitive team options that cater to all youth climbers from new young competitors, all the way to seasoned elites. We also have team options for those who just want to improve their skills and climb for fun with our recreation teams. We will be able to find the right fit no matter what your young climbers goals are.

Climbing Team FAQ

Q. Who can join the climbing team?
A. Anyone aged 8 to 18 can join the youth climbing team.

Q. Do you have to be an experienced climber or “good” at climbing?
A. No. Any child aged 8 to 18 can join the climbing team. However, kids must climb a grade of at least 5.7 to be on the team. This is an entry-level climbing grade. If your child cannot climb this level, then they can take some introductory classes to improve their skill.

Q. What is the time commitment?
A. Like any sport, the commitment level depends on the climber’s expectations. Our climbing team offers multiple levels of training and competition. Your child will be placed on a team based on their ability level and commitment to the sport. Our team has many national-level competitors as well as many recreational team members who do not compete.

Q. Is Travel Involved?
A. Yes or No. It depends on your child’s skill and your desire to travel. Each year, there are multiple “local” competitions offered throughout the state of Arizona. You have the option to travel to some of these if you wish. If your child progresses and begins to compete at the Regional or National level, then travel will be required to attend those higher-level competitions.

Q. Is climbing an Olympic Sport?
A. Yes, as of 2020, climbing has been an Olympic-sanctioned sport. You can learn more about Olympic Sport climbing at


The videos below provide some great perspective and insight on youth climbing. The first two videos are of highlights from Youth Nationals and the third is of an AZR Ascender that was highlighted by ABC 15. The AZR Ascenders typically have 8 to 15 competitors competing at Nationals each year.

Want More Information?

If you would like to find out more about our youth climbing team please complete the form below. Your request will be sent directly to our team manager, who will get you all the information you need about the team and how best to get started.