We’re so excited to welcome our Members back into the gym! Here is what you need to know about our new protocols (we know that this is a lot, but we need your help in this so please take a moment to review).


EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS-EVEN WHILE CLIMBING. As per the City of Scottsdale mandate, masks are required to be worn in public places and that includes our facility. Please have your mask on before entering and leave it on for the duration of your visit.

What we need your help with:

  • Stay home if you or anyone that you are around are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have experienced symptoms in the past 14 days (including cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or loss of taste/smell).
  • Stay home if you have not been practicing proper social distancing (staying at least 6 feet from other people outside of your home, have not gathered in groups of more than 10, stayed out of crowded places and avoided mass gatherings, used proper sanitation and hand-washing).
  • Sign up for your climbing sessions in advance (if you’re having trouble with the system let us know and we’ll be happy to help).
  • Complete your entrance survey online prior to arriving for your climbing session
  • Entrance survey is required for all visitors, including spectators.
  • Do not show up more than just a few minutes early for your climbing session as we will be working to clean and sanitize the facility.
  • Anyone entering the facility is required to have their temperature checked (using a contact-less thermometer). Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to enter.
  • Wash/sanitize hands often during your visit (following proper protocol).
  • Avoid touching your face. Cover your cough/sneeze by coughing/sneezing into your elbow or tissue.
  • Wash hands/use hand sanitizer any time that you touch your face, cough, sneeze, use a tissue, or come in contact with surfaces touched by others.
  • Dispose of tissues, gloves, masks, band-aids in the appropriately marked trashcans only.
  • Consider climbing with co-risk partners only or those that you are confident have been vigilant and followed proper social distancing protocols.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility (please follow proper instructions on use every time).
  • If you need rental gear, please step to the left side of the desk.
  • If you do not need rental gear, please do not linger at the front desk. We’re all excited to see each other and will make plenty of time to catch up and visit as we are out in the climbing area, with ample space to properly distance.
  • When using lockers, please do not gear up in the hallway. Place your items in the locker and then take your gear out into the gym. There is limited space in the hallway and we need to be sensitive to proper distancing.
  • Do not leave anything in the lockers overnight.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer when switching climbing zones.
  • Limit climbing zones to 2 people OR household members only (more than 2 co-risk family members/roommates can be together in climbing zones).
  • The fitness area is limited to no more than 6 people and must maintain proper distancing protocols.
  • When using the fitness area, wipe down equipment before AND after each use. Wipes are located on the wall upstairs near the drinking fountain.
  • As always, no climbing shoes in the restrooms.
  • Place rental harnesses in the appropriate boxes when done.
  • No shirtless climbing.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle, as water fountains are not on.


What we’ve done/are doing:

  • Retained Healthy Verify to help us have the strongest plan to open and mitigate as much health risk as possible.
  • The entire gym has been stripped, walls brushed and sanitized, as well as all holds sanitized.
  • All ropes have been washed.
  • The Chalk Eater has been completely taken apart and cleaned.
  • Increased fresh airflow to the facility, allowing for the air in the facility to be replaced twice every hour. AC units and fans will be running at all times.
  • The entire facility has been deep cleaned (you’ll love how shiny and new everything is!).
  • Hand railings have been sanded down and repainted (actually pretty much everything has been repainted!)
  • The facility is professionally cleaned every night.
  • Water fountains will not be used. The bottler filler is on.
  • There will be sanitizing stations located throughout the facility.
  • Chalk bags and lead ropes will not be handed out. Chalk is allowed, however, AZR is encouraging liquid chalk.
  • Harnesses and shoes will be available for rent. Harnesses will sit in “quarantine” after use before being rotated in again, days later. Shoes will be properly disinfected before being rotated in again.
    Gri-gris and carabiners will be available for rent. These will be cleaned per manufacturer recommendations multiple times each week.
  • Lockers will be available for use (we still do not provide locks). Lockers will be disinfected in between climbing sessions.
  • Limiting the number of climbers in the facility during each session.
  • Employees will have their temperatures checked prior to each shift, and anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to work.
  • Employees will be wearing masks.
  • Employees will be washing/sanitizing hands (following proper protocols) upon arrival at the facility and often during their shift.
  • Employees will be sanitizing high-touch areas of the facility every 30 minutes.
  • The facility will be cleaned, with high-touch areas sanitized in between each climbing session.

What we need you to know:

Although AZR has implemented extensive precautions in an attempt to minimize the chances of our visitors contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is impossible to guarantee a virus-free facility.  Indeed, even despite precautions, health clubs, including rock climbing facilities such as AZR, are considered high risk establishments because, among other factors, it is impossible to thoroughly and regularly disinfect every high touch surface and because of the number of visitors at the facility at any given time and/or over a period of time.  By following posted mitigation protocols, you will hopefully help us reduce the chances of transmission.  By entering our facility, you acknowledge and accept the risk of spreading or contracting the virus.  For more information, please visit cdc.gov/coronavirus.